The faculty of the Graduate Program in Scientific Computation at the University of Minnesota is an internationally recognized group of scientists, consisting of world leaders in many important areas at the forefront of modern scientific computation research. Many have won major awards for excellence in research and teaching. The faculty are very active as innovators of new research directions, as organizers and invited speakers at national and international scientific meetings, as editors of major journals, as participants in federal programs and industrial collaborations, and as officers in national and international scientific organizations.

The 48 graduate faculty of this program represent 20 departments drawn from seven different colleges, and they are committed to interdisciplinary collaboration as well as to excellence in the application of scientific computing to traditional fields. From the point of view of the graduate student, it is important to have the opportunity not only to pursue research at the forefront of a field and to work with an individual faculty adviser, but also to interact with a broad range of other faculty members having complementary expertise and interests. These opportunities are created both by informal research discussions and formal graduate courses which emphasize the latest research developments.

An exciting component of graduate education in the Scientific Computation program is access both within and outside the classroom to faculty who are actively involved in defining and extending the state-of-the-art in scientific computation knowledge and practice. The program is also greatly enhanced by the interdisciplinary research atmosphere of the Supercomputing Institute of the University and federally funded interdisciplinary research grants.

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